Tuesday, May 15, 2012


well its been a long time since i have written on here :)
i like to say thanks to everyone who congratulated me in the previous post!!! 
ur comments made me feel really happy!!

we picked out a date for our big day!! it will be june 8, 2013 :) i have a whole year to prepare for this!! and im already kinda feeling stressed? or overwhelmed i should say!!
so far we have picked a theme color~ and it is going to be coral :) more on the pink side though

theres gonna be a bridal expo in september... and hopefully i can find a wedding dress there.. if not.. im going to hk in november! and thats when all the bridal shopping will take place!!
i already have a style in mind~ but i really should make some appointments to try some of these dresses on!! but i have been too lazy!!!

another update is... j and i bought a house a few months ago! well.. we are building one :)
it will take over half a year to build... and we are FINALLY seeing some progress!!
they DUG a hole in our lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it actually feels like we are getting something in return after paying the downpayment!
cant wait till its done! im actually more excited about our house then our wedding :P maybe coz i know the house will come very soon!! and wedding is still 1 more year
well i guess those are the major updates in my life so far~ 
i know this is a wordy post and no pictures at all :P 
but thanks for reading!


ps. i havent posted in a while and blogger has changed on me!!! took me a while to get use to the new format :P haha


  1. Oh, so many things have happened, but I hope you are back to stay!

  2. Wow! You have so much going for you, that's so great!

  3. Omg so many things happening to you right now! So excited for you!!! I'd be excited about the house too mainly because that's what you're going to live in and the wedding is only one day hahahah though it will be an expensive day! Also because that's when the new life with your bf/fiancee will start! Awww I wanna do all this too but I still have a long ways to go hahahaha But congrats on these huge milestones!!!

    I can't wait to see your dress and I think that's so great you're going to HK to buy wedding stuff, probably a lot cheaper!!!! Is your family stressing you out??? Lots of input? I think if I ever got married my family would have so much input because I normally like very "contemporary" stuff etc. destination wedding! but to my parents that screams "cheap" -.- puuhlease no wedding is cheap these days, that's a 1000$ cake you're eating!!!

    re: My sister is doing a co-op in a resort up in Banff, since she's in the tourism management field! Haha You driving to Banff is like me driving to Seattle! Now I know how far you actually live >< Soooo far from me (in the sense of driving lol)

  4. ahhh love the updates!! congrats on the house that is SOOO exciting!!! that is so cool because you'll get to pick all your custom fittings and stuff!! lucky duck!

    ohh you are gonna have so much fun in asia!! :) i wanted to go to night markets.. but unfortunately it was raining really badly when i was in taiwan.. so we just stayed near my dad's apartment and ate street food there :)

  5. Wow!! so many big things! Congrats on the house and the engagement! Weddings are stressful but once they are over, you wonder what the heck you were stressing about. Try to enjoy as much as you can because it will be over before you know it!

    Love your blog! We should be friends :)


  6. Meow!!!!!! I missed you so so much and thought you had given up on blogging so I was SO surprised and happy to see your comment!!!!

    OMG! Furniture shopping!!!!! It must be so fun but tiring if you don't find what you're looking for (Im a bit of an impatient type haha) I'm scared to grow up too (yet to grad hahaha) but I'm sure you'll do fine! Step by step right and besides you've got your fiancee to hold your hand along the way <-- so sweet~

    Have you shopped for some wedding/bridal stuffy yet? You're almost going to HK! To be honest I find things in HK not too cheap anymore =( But they might have more options that will appeal to our asian tastes lol, I'm so curious about your wedding! What will your favors be? Where will it be held? Reception and ceremony at same place? Cocktail hr? Any dancing? <-- I was obsessed with weddings last year LOL It really scared poor bf and he had anxiety for a while, mainly because I told him I wanted to be married at Disneyland LOL and he wasn't keep on paying the "mouse" to come to our wedding for 30min/350$!!!!!

    Hope you're doing well and hope to hear from you very very soon!!!

    P.S I'm so busy with my new school so I'll be late to reply too =(