Sunday, September 30, 2012

My baby :D

Wow! I cant believe the last time I made a post was in May! Thats a long long time ago!! 
I do apologize for this... But I have just been crazy busy! Especially the past month.  My house (baby) is complete in less than 2 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was really exciting to watch my baby grow :) From the day they dug a whole to now a almost complete home!
We have bought most our furniture already... all the pieces that we absolutely need. ie. dining table, couch, and bed
We will continue to add more as times goes on haha coz things are not cheap!!! 
*I love iphone collage making apps :)*

On a side note, I will be going on my vacation soon! :) Tickets to Hong Kong and Taiwan are booked!! so Im getting really excited :) This is where all the wedding stuff will happen!! haha dress hunting, invitation printing, favor hunting, bridesmaid dress hunting, and decorationssssssssss!!! I already have how I want to decorate in mind, but i will have to see if the materials can be found before I go ahead with this plan.  

Anyways... happy mid-autumn festival everyone!! :) hope you are all enjoying your moon cakes!! I just ate 2 pieces! yum yum


  1. OMG!!!! That must be so exciting seeing your house be built! I'd be more excited about that than my wedding <-- no joke, but must be pricey >< My bf and I always talk about the housing price here and it gets SERIOUSLY depressing T_T Like it's just not worth the price tag but nothing you can do about it since you need to live somewhere. Can't wait to see your house finished and decorated!!!! EEEEEeeeee! <-- going nuts and house isn't even mine LOL

    Have fun in HK!!! Will you be able to blog in HK? Though I know it's hard to blog on vacay haha I never do because I'm just so tired and there's no time. Happy belated mid autumn festival to you too! Kekekekeke

    re:The iced pumpkin spiced latte is not as good as the hot one =( and I go UBC, I live in the lower mainland! Oh I want a small wedding too, like 50ppl and under hahaha but I know that's not happening and I'll probably end up with like 300 ppl and 30K$ down the drain for one day just to please other people who I don't care about <---yeah I'm pretty pessimistic about my own wedding, I'd elope but when I get back my parents might have disowned me LOL!!!!! Jkjk so dramatic but I hope you have a drama free wedding! I know how asian parents can be too! Is your fiance asian too? Are you going to show your fiance your wedding dress? What type of dress? I'm so so curious!!!! hahahaha sorry!